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System and solution provider for aseptic packaging

"Internal catalogues for efficient processing of individual requirement processes and services."
(Mark Appun)

As it is so easy to intergrate into the system landscape, simple system was introduced extremely quickly at SIG. The large variety of suppliers has impressed both our Purchasing department and the users. We especially benefit from the ability to create tailored internal catalogues. This allows us to standardise and efficiently process even complex local service requests, such as maintenance and painting work.
As simple system works so well with our ERP system, we have been able to automate almost 70% of our operational C-part purchasing.


Clutch and gear construction

"With the ‘simple system Cockpit’, our procurement runs like clockwork!”
(Mr Wallny, IT Analyst)

The platform attracted the attention of our Head of Purchasing in 2016, and we registered with simple system. It was integrated into our SAP ERP® in February 2017. We were immediately impressed with how clearly the simple system Cockpit mapped the procurement process. Our approvers can check individual processes there, before approving the purchase orders. Around 25 employees are currently using the platform. We use platforms of almost 30 suppliers to cover demand. Products that are needed frequently are saved in the favourites list, so that we can access them quickly for the next order.


Systems and devices for building textile machinery (approx. 450 employees worldwide)

"The buying department is able to concentrate on what is important."
(Mr Tobien, Strategic buying department)

We were looking for a multi-supplier platform for MRO articles and our attention was drawn to simple system. We found the clear user interface convincing - we found our way around immediately without a lengthy familiarisation phase. Since we have been using simple system, we use our time and budget even more efficiently. We recommend simple system at every opportunity and are await further developments within the platform with interest.


Automobile & other sectors (approx. 7,000 employees)

"From pilot projects to successful implementation.“
(Mr Breitkopf, Mr Kutlu)

What we wanted with supplier consolidation was to pool our procurement volume in indirect purchasing. One decisive feature of simple system is that it is an open platform that enables its customers to decide which suppliers they wish to cooperate with. Its effective operating principle coupled with transparency in the procurement process serve to optimise our purchasing structures.

Aluminium Oxid Stade GmbH

Environmental protection and works health and safety (approx. 500 employees)

"We were immediately convinced thanks to the number of attractive suppliers available."
(Mr Krüger, purchasing)

The process of procuring C items was a thorn in our side for a long time. Which is why we were watching with great interest when KAISER+KRAFT GmbH presented the simple system platform to us. What finally convinced us was not only the price comparisons but also the quality of the suppliers. Our employees were thrilled with the platform from the moment it was launched. Its easy-to-use interface was easy to master a er only a short learning phase, even for older employees. Thanks to simple system, we now have an easy and inexpensive procurement tool. Our users assume responsibility for budgeting and can work reliably with the platform. we are very satisfied with simple system.


Railway & utility vehicles, brakes & safety systems (approx. 30,000 employees)

"Our operative purchasing also benefits from simple system."
(Anastasia Tumanova, System Specialist)

We were looking for a market platform that did not require us to take care of the hosting. As the four partners of simple system are also our suppliers, we decided to have a look at their platform. In  November 2015 we started working with simple system. We are currently using 15 suppliers from Germany and three from Hungary. Thanks to its comprehensive search function and uncomplicated integration of catalogues, our operative purchasing department now spends less time on purchasing C items. Using the platform has resulted in significant organisational improvements in our purchasing department. Our employees have a smaller workload involving C items and can now make more e ective use of their time.

Schoeller Werk

Manufacturer of stainless steel pipes (>1,000 employees)

“Shortly after implementing simple system, we were able to see initial savings in costs and time."
(Uwe Peters, Business Unit Manager for Purchasing non-production materials)

A high demand for C items gave us the idea to search for a less expensive procurement option. simple system is impressive thanks to easy approaches which are tailored to our company. Our aim to optimise procurement processes, thereby reducing costs at the same time, has already satisfied customers shorty after implementation. Purchasing will receive some relief in procuring C items and has freed up resources for the actual core business.

Gerresheimer AG

Manufacturer of glass and synthetic products for the pharmaceutical industry
(> 11,000 employees)

“We were convinced by simple system and by the successful implementation and fast integration into our SAP interface.”
(Fritz Hametner, Global Category Manager)

In order to reduce processing costs, it was important for us to be able to implement simple system in our procurement process. After making contact and activating the catalogues we created an interface to SAP. Using the platform is very simple and intuitive We were thus able to see a positive development shortly thereafter. The time and effort that went into procuring of C items has been reduced by a lower number of suppliers and significantly better purchasing conditions.

Conrad Electronic SE

Retailer of electronic products (4,000 employees)

We enjoy working together with simple system successfully as a partner, and from the outset we have been a satisfied supplier on the platform. Companies can really work remarkably quickly and easily together with us with the support of simple system. (Sven Wachtel, Senior Director B2B, Sales and eBusiness)

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